Which model would you like to repair?

Our Repairs

Repair of standard probes

Linear, Convex and Cardio

✓ Lens renewal

✓ Renewal of kink protection (shock absorber).

✓ Repair of the housing

✓ Repair of the cable protective sheathing.

✓ Connector repair

✓ Cable replacement and repair

3D/4D probe repair

✓ Change and renewal of the dome.

✓ Cleaning, repair and calibration of 3D mechanics.

✓ Repair and sealing of the housing.

✓ Renewal of the 3D dome

✓ Repair of the cable protective sheathing.

✓ Cable replacement and repair

✓ Oil renewal and sealing.

Repair of TEE Probes

✔ Renewal and replacement of pipe coating.

✔ Lens replacement

✔ Exchange of the elastic bending strap.

✔ Renewal and calibration of internal drive wiring.

✔ Renewal of probe mechanics.

✔ Renewal of the bending rubber.

Endoscopic probe repair

✔ Renewal of the bending rubber.

✔ Renovation of bent rubber finish.

✔ Renewal of lens coating.

✔ Fiber optic bundle renewal.

✔ Repair of connectors

✔ Exchange of control knobs.

✔ Air water valve replacement.

✔ Suction valve replacement.

✔ Supply hose replacement.

✔ Replacement of the insertion tube.

How does our repair process work?